Who is the best seller of Used Fire Engines in USA?

In USA every 23 second Fire Fighter responds every 23 seconds for fire emergency. Fire Department is there to In 2015 Fire Department responded to 33,602,500 calls for service in which 1,345,500 were for fire emergency.

The 2 Million fire calls that American fire department responds every year represent the highest figures in the industrialized world. So fire department requires more equipment and Fire Trucks to prevent thousands of people and property damages. House fires are one of the most common tragedies facing emergency disaster workers in recently. According to the US Fire Administration, the United States has a more severe fire problem than generally emergency’s. In inner city house fires have greatly increased, especially in socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, due to this Fire Fighter need to have good physical and metal satiability than any other athlete or Law Enforcement.

Fire companies require Engine or Pumper a unit that pump water and safety equipment such as fire proof cloth, helmet, gloves, ladder, smoke proof mask and emergency trucks Suppress and Extinguish fore with hoses, pump and additional apparatus.

Some of the other Industry such as Airport has its own emergency unit and they have different truck and equipments. A very popular truck is ARFF Truck (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting) it is specially made for Airport Industry. It typical to normal fire fighting truck but has special equipment that suits Airport Industry.

Fire Truck or Ladder a unit that carries ladders and an aerial device to access building above ground level.

There is wide range of Fire Engine or Fire Trucks

Conventional Fire Trucks: This is a standard fire trucks to transport firefighters and also limited supply of water and other equipment tools.

Aerial Apparatus: This Truck has a large ladder mounted on the back of the truck to reach out towers, top building etc.

Tiller Truck: This truck has a trailer permanently attached at the back of the truck, it requires two driver to steer front and rear wheels.

Aerial Platform: This truck as same as aerial apparatus but at the end of the ladder there will be a platform in order for firefighter to stand on it.

Tender Truck: A tanker truck which has a larger storage space to store water to extinguishing out fire areas. Most of these trucks consist of on-board pumping system to pump out water from the tank.

Medic trucks: A unit that provides emergency medical treatment and offer transportation of patient to hospital.

In modern age and technology new equipment has evolved. In this new era a new unit has added up robotic fire fighting unit (Firedogg) in modern age Robotic unit has help fire fighter to prevent themselves as well as victims from harm’s way. Robotic unit which is electronically driven wireless remote controlled which allow fire-fighters to go where it’s impossible to reach at certain situations.

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